Click here to view Wanderer video on YouTubeThe Wanderer is based on a short story on ‘ThoughtSplosion’ www.JinxedJerry.wordpress.com about a teen runaway. It was adapted to video for Multimedia team projects at Navarro College, Corsicana, Texas. Wanderer was submitted to “your Film Festival” as a story driven student/amateur video.


Original Story by C. Gagnon and Jinxed Jerry

Script by L. Shoemaker/Jonas and L. Hanson/Lowry
Actors – L. Hanson, T. Novotny, L. Shoemaker/Jonas, B. Lowry
Pet Actor – Maverick Demidogg
Music and sound effects arranged by J.Moore

“Shots In The Dark”

Shots In The Dark by The Crime Scene Team 2012

by The Crime Scene Team: Lucy Hanson, Ryan Lunt, Patrick Richard, Nancy McDaniel

Navarro College Multimedia 2011-2012.

With additional help from Bethany Isbell, Daniel Lunt, Emma & Kirstie.

Part 1 http://youtu.be/RUrGTjyW9uE
Part 2 http://youtu.be/jp6MzFwTan4
Part 3 http://youtu.be/0UmMDXlP2ZM
Part 4 http://youtu.be/YYQzM0SIm94

“If Thou Must Love Me” Remix

Video Poem

Read by Christi Gagnon – now with captions

“Road to Bali” video footage from the Public Domain
Remixed by Lucy (Hanson) Lowry


“Unsuspecting Cow”

Unsuspecting Cow

Collaboration by Eric Gagnon and Lucy Hanson using Blender and NCH VideoPad.


30 sec. mock “Mac Commercial”

This student musician allowed me to film his work to create a 30 second commercial for an electrical device or machine. (Yes, not using the official Mac logo was intentional.)

Edited in Final Cut Pro



Pencil Test Animation

Molly explores the world near her front steps in my first attempt to animate a 2D character.



Animated GIF created in Photoshop

Birds on a wire seen through the kitchen door.



“Changing Sky”

Animated GIF created in Photoshop

Simulated time lapse of the events in a early morning sky.


He asks, “Who’s Dick?”

After all, what would you think if you came home and she was so happy about some guy?


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