Reprints and Art Gifts

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At the VisualFling store on reprints and art gifts are available. Order quality reprints on cotton rag paper, and print-on-demand gift items, visit the reprints store at

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Original Art

For original artwork, or custom requests, use this contact form to send me an email (Rates and terms are listed below):

Official Fee Information

I currently charge $250 for each original 16″ x 20″ (sixteen by twenty inches) painting, or $75 for each original 11″ x 14″, or $50 for each 9″ x 12″ or smaller painting with artist grade watercolor paints on acid free 140 pound or heavier watercolor paper, plus $10 per each additional person/subject in the painting, plus shipping costs. A white or off-white acid free mat and acid free foamcore backing curently cost me $15 to $25, depending on size, and delivery time may be affected if your requested size is not in stock.

Custom work may accrue additional charges for sittings, travel, delivery, mats, framing, shipping and handling, or other expenses directly related to the production of the custom artwork. For this reason, I require 50% up front via paypal to after consulting on your project, before I purchase supplies and begin the design.

Posted prices are subject to change according to cost of materials, costs of travel to locations, changes in demand, or other material changes to the artwork including matting and framing. I do not provide acid free mats, or acid free foam core backings, or frames and glass with shipped items at this time. Email me via for an intial consultation and price for your custom artwork. Changes made by the customer after initial consultation may result in an adjusted quote. Full payment will be required before delivery.

Additional sketches and paintings in various sizes may be created as part of the planning and preparation process. Some people like to buy the behind the scenes collection of rough drafts in addition to finished paintings, or these may be sold separately in original or adapted form at a later time.

The amount of time allowed for each painting is 7 days per square foot. From time of contracted start of painting (e.g. acceptance date of preliminary sketches) to shipping date -with delivery date determined by type of shipping.

As the artist, I reserve the right to use digital copies of my paintings as a basis for other paintings, for reprints in various forms, or for self promotion. Other arrangements can be negotiated for an individual image. I do not post names of individuals unless this information is already publicly available online, or provided for this purpose by the customer, and last names of individuals may be removed from my website upon request of the model or the guardian of a minor or pet.

Purchasers of original paintings or reprints are not buying copyrights and cannot sell copies of my paintings. Small images of my art at 5 inches by 7 inches (5×7″) or less, may be created by the purchaser for limited uses: on websites (75 ppi ), prints (200 dpi) for personal use, or other media (by permission) and any of these limited personal uses by the purchaser must credit Lucy Lowry or Lucy (Hanson) Lowry and/or as the source.

Please contact the artist, Lucy (Hanson) Lowry via email to or through the artists websites and with any questions or negotiations of these terms.




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