Watercolor painting of Nubble Lighthouse

… and Lucy Lowry!








35 thoughts on “Artwork

    1. I love labs. They are have a cheerful disposition. Trainable too, though we trained for a long time with no results until miraculously, one day she knew all of her ‘tricks’. Thanks for checking out my page.
      Lucy J.

    2. Wow, Lucy, you have cetainly been very prolific indeed!

      Judging from the paintings above, SoundEagle would like to inform you that they are excellent works of art. It would not be exagerating to conclude that you are very talented indeed! And you really have very competent ways of creating compositions and visual stories on canvases. Bravo! SoundEagle especially loves your watercolour paintings. 🙂 There is even a painting of an eagle spreading wings and talons!

      If you would like to have some of your works reviewed or featured, and if you would like to be interviewed, please take a good look at a specific post on SoundEagle’s blog at http://soundeagle.wordpress.com/2013/01/06/soundeagle-in-john-clinocks-art-rat-cafe/, where you can also indulge in more art.

      Cheers and feel free to leave plenty of comments there!

      1. I have been painting every day for awhile now, building on a lifelong interest.

        Recently, I was in a show with professional artists. This was a great experience for learning, but also alittle discouraging. I think constructive feedback would be very helpful to me at this stage.

        Thank you SoundEagle. I will look over your recommended website.

  1. Such wonderful artwork!!! Thanks for stopping by and liking “Spot the difference”. Really appreciate it.

    1. Your post was interesting, although I don’t go to extra effort things imperfect, I come by that naturally. Have a great day. Thanks for stopping by my Artwork Gallery.

    1. That would be cool – contact information is on my About Lucy J. page. I am traveling this summer and painting at various locations… maybe one near you.

  2. I love the delicacy of your flowers. I like to paint flowers but I don’t do much other than sunflowers because I can’t visualize other flowers to paint. That must have sounded weird. I absolutely love flowers and would paint them more often if I knew what flowers to paint. I think what I’ve gotten from your page today is the desire to get a book with flowers, something I can hold in my hand, and just look at different flowers that can be added to my artwork. Looks like I have to go to a second hand book store. Oh the torture of it. I’m going to be so put out by HAVING to go to a second hand book store and look at all the books and HAVE to spend money on just one but end up spending it on 5 or six. Oh the burden, but one must bear it in the name of art, right? LOL

    1. Oh the burdens we share. Glad to meet a fellow booklover. I have a few I keep just because they smell good and feel good in my hands as I flip through their familiar pages. 🙂

      1. It was great! Sorry you couldn’t make it. I embarrass myself in public, though, like I thought Joy’s “Mermaid Slipper” said “Mermaid Supper” and I found the piece very interesting, but couldn’t figure out the thought behind it until I found out it’s real name. So silly of me.

    1. I bet you were one of those blessed with the ability to remember birthdays, or having food on the burner, or social skills. 🙂 Thanks for the compliments. Nice to meet you online.

    1. The coral piece is quite large (30in x 30in), with an underlayer of watercolor, then layers of colored chalks and pencils. Parts of the coral reef glow under uv light, as well as a hidden school of fish. I am glad you like it. It was my final exhibition project for my AA in Art an I was allowed to paint anything I liked.

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