Just before our vacation trip,  something besides driving to and from work, we got wrinkled up in a fender bender.  I did not imagine that the body shop would go so far above and beyond and fix several small nicks and dings unrelated to the accident at no extra charge. None of my dash lights are nagging me anymore! I guess they couldn’t let my 2004 Oldsmobile out of their drive looking like it still needed work, or they just needed to empty out the last of the color-matched paint.  I am so blessed.

IMG_20170523_195800.jpg Talk about your blessings in disguise.  They even vacuumed the interior and replaced my dried up scented trees. I got to drive a very nice Dodge Challenger for the few days they had my car, thanks to Geico and Enterprise Rent a Car.  If you need work in Ocala,  Florida,  I bet you will be pleasantly surprised at the high quality work at The Car Guys Collision Repair.  We are travelling with a renewed peace of mind.


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