Today started out strange with a schedule change to a different weekday for my K-6 kids,  then they started making wonderful art!

This is the beginning of our sculpting unit;  Kindergarten and 1st grade created animals from play doh and then drew their animals, 2nd grade added spacers to their fruit cutouts to add dimension to their fruit bowl painted collages,  3rd through sixth did cardboard sculptures of animals, insects with exoskeletons,  and birds.  In art club after school,  a 7th grader reimagined two discarded canvases into her own creations (student names redacted for privacy; please do not reprint without permission) .

Next week we will be painting our sculptures and finishing up the 6th grade screen prints from last week.

I love,  love,  love watching these guys and girls turn a demo,  some pointers, and a few prompts into works of art!




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