img_20161027_053928With a community art show and an ocean mural project this month, the entire school is excited about art. This inspired one generous benefactor to donate a hoard of foam egg cartons. I am now test crafting ways to use them in the classroom. I prefer to reduce, and reuse foam and plastic products, although they often accumulate more plentifully than we can repurpose them. These crafts are a good way to build 3D art thinking skills. We also like layering, pop ups, and puff paints to get away from flat paper while still being easy to store.

This week pairs of cups are hot glued to paper plates as fish eyes. Maybe you need eyes for something else, and the paperboard backing makes them friendlier to kid glues. I used the end of a glue stick dipped in acrylic paint to dot the pupils.


Some other ideas I have tried are crab claws and side legs, turtles, two types of flowers (daisy, rose), but I used hot glue because white glue did not holdthe slick foam.



2 thoughts on “Big Eyes

    1. We used some foam insulation board and used a sharp razor knife to make angled cuts. It broke cleanly on the score lines. This foam does not have little balls of foam in it. I felt repurposing it was betterthan just throwing leftover pieces away.

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