Thank you to the many friends who prayed for us in Florida during Hurricane Hermine. Special thanks to Gallivana of for her peaceful words during our night watches.

Today all of my local friends who had not been flooded or dealing with tree fall went out to assist those who were burdened. We are grateful to be spared, and blessed to be able to help. More crews are assembling to families in need after church.

This is where we went today after the waters receded enough to go in. Please continue to pray for the displaced and homeless in the storm paths (Baton Rouge, Louisiana also comes to mind.).IMG_20160904_221828


8 thoughts on “With The Grace of God

  1. Glad to keep you company. 6 years ago today we were woken by an earthquake. In the midst of the aftermath what we wanted most was communication with family and friends. Hope the recovery is going well.

    1. It is amazing how many are joining together to help. I think comforted the sense of community comforted families the most.

    2. I believe most everyone is dried out and relocated for repairs if necessary. My family caught a virus and are a bit knocked down in energy, but that same generous spirit in our church community has been caring for us too. God is good.

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