I have a busy head, and note taking with doodles helps keep me engaged. I also create along with www.RebekahRJones.com and try new materials and techniques in my art journals, with variations.


These notes are for listening and make it easy for me to recall the key points I learned, so they are not as pretty as the work I plan out and carefully paint. Also, not everything I note down is an exact quote of the speakers, so I will link to their sites and podcasts whenever possible. Here are two weeks of notes from Seven Rivers Presbyterian Church. 


It intrigued me that BOASTING (and not boasting) has come up in several studies lately, even in the review of the 3-part 2015 Women’s Retreat — Unhitching from the Crazy Train.


We used to get in trouble for this at school, but that’s how my brain ponders ideas.

Those were the fun notes, now I have to start my homework for UT Tyler. After that, preplanning for teaching my art classes this week.

Have a super inspiring week.


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