The paintings remind me of the beauty I see, even when they are not perfect recreations.

A rough sketch of our church in 3 posterpaint colors. Testing my pizza box easel.
Testing out a pizza box easel with a quick sketch.IMG_20160522_210144

We painted the inside of this box with a sealing primer to cover oil stains. A binder clip or clothespin holds the cardboard support and the paper. A paper plate pallette and other supplies can be stored inside.

Many “Thanks!” to our local Papa John’s, which gave us a dozen new boxes for our church camp children with the last batch of fresh delicious pizza.

And,  for the pure fun of it,  a young artist and I tested the easel until my paper and some of the colors ran out.



2 thoughts on “Sunday Paint Doodle

    1. I borrowed the idea. It works wonderfully with the children. The cardboard paper support covers the pallette and the art lays on it to dry safely in the box. At camp, the boxes stack up for each group.

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