I love my new job! Can you believe it has been nearly a year already? This has been an exciting and fulfilling year teaching art to children from kindergarten to sixth grade. This week I am up for my annual review, which will decide if my contract is renewed for the coming school year. I am honored with the privilege of guiding children on the journey of discovering their great value to the master creator, God. I would appreciate your prayerful support for this important decision.


This week also marks the final two meetings of our K-2nd grade art club, and soon summer camp meetings will begin. Yes, it is a busy life,  with the joyful mission of helping little ones make art. The world is a more beautiful place!

In art club K-2 we explored cards, clay sculpting, chenille critter armatures, baked clay keyrings, puppetry, and painting. We also personalized our Art Club aprons with markers. What fun! I hope they get a lot of use over the summer from my art club mini-artists.


7 thoughts on “Another Year Ahead

      1. It has been two weeks since my annual review, when they said they needed more time to decide on my contract. I hope the length of the deliberations is a good sign that I will fit their plans for next year. Keep in prayer friends.

    1. I am excited about the magnolia prints. 🙂 In a few weeks I will find out their decision; but in the mean time, I am too busy to worry much. Thanks for the friendly pep talk. ❤

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