This cheerful looking zebra was bottle fed. I have never been one foot away from a zebra before.I would have sketched more, but I liked looking at them and petting some of them too.


Many thanks Alan S. and  to the Show-Me Safari Petting Zoo for letting us in early to paint next to the pens in th e  Citrus County Fair at the Inverness, Florida Fairgrounds. We came during the animals’ rest and feeding time. The pens had all been freshly re-strawed. The animals were calm, healthy looking, and reasonably friendly.20160330_142329-1.jpg20160330_142307.jpg

We were allowed in closer to the animals as long as we did not disturb them because it was only we two at the time. My favorite part was the zebra’s big ‘smile’. The zebra came up close a few times, then went to the back of the pen to eat. The porcupine was interesting too. My husband liked the kangaroo, and the asian cows.

It was a lot of fun and my memories are better than the sketches.


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