Inspired by Gallivanta’s beautiful photography and life-loving posts at and Paul Militaru’s photo portfolio at


10 thoughts on “August Magnolias

    1. For you, half price, so we can afford the postage. You inspire me so often that there might be a few surprise sketches in there of our favorite fun-loving Jack and some other blossoms.

      1. It’s a deal, Lucy. 🙂 I can’t remember how we organized payment last time. Email me at with details. I know exactly where the magnolias will go; in my daughter’s bedroom which is where you get the best view of the magnolia tree in spring. 🙂

  1. This is very special Lucy – love pink mgnolia’s and your painting is wonderful! Love how you connected Gallivanta and Paul to the painting.

  2. I would love a magnolia tree here! The painting is beautiful, and I also like the connection to Gallivanta and Paul. Gallivanta, especially, has connected many of us. I learned of you through her site.

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