July is usually a month full of transitions for me, Auugh!, change. Each July I avoid looking at a calendar and avoid counting the days until the inevitable end of summer, which I can feel like foreboding in my gut, back, heart, and back of my head. It is a tension that sits in the background of my playful attempts to sieze the day, and hearty attempts to be grateful and present in every moment. I have many happy memories every July, refusing to let its countdown steal the time I have left in the summer, with so much limitless time together carefully measured out for us before you kids grow up and stop having summers off too.

I love Legos! Delicious!


9 thoughts on “Why July Makes Me Sad and Extra Happy

  1. I feel exactly the same way. When July is over, the end of summer is not far away. I suppose, it’s not because of dramatizing things, but because of the very long and very nasty winter in our areas. Enjoy the rest of summer!

    1. I intend to enjoy every day of it. I learn so much about my children from the extra time together and the freedom they have to explore their own interests with the free time.

    1. Such a good friend, you know just what I meant. I aim to make lots of great memories for the future! Oh, btw, I have 2 job interviews next week for teaching art. Prayers appreciated. 🙂

      1. Ah, you will miss him, of course. University or high school?
        I always saw September as the start of our family’s year because the children were back at school then and there was such excitement.

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