This Tuesday morning painting is done, and I am happy to announce that my June exhibition has been extended until the end of July!
The Lakes Region Library of Inverness, Florida is allowing me to swap out some of the smaller paintings for some new, larger, never before seen pieces I have been completing in my (chortle) spare time. I hope my changes as my paper and brushes grew fit well in the collection.


7 thoughts on “A Young Adult’s Garden of Verses

    1. I was very pleased and probably a bit overly proud when they asked me to stay over. There has been so much wonderful feedback in person that I fear I have let my blog rest aside for awhile. Also, it is final exam time for me, and my schedule will open up for more painting soon. Thanks for sticking with me all of these years. You get to see my work progressing. Except for the picture I did today… it is awful. 😀 Enjoy the weekend! We have fireworks!

      1. I can only see it when looking back through the years. I learn all of the time. I’ve been blessed to stop and paint some beatific memories.

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