The first week in our new house we discovered monthly art exhibits at all five Citrus County Libraries! May artist, Karol Kusmaul, (Lakes Region) displays a wonderful collection of fabric art.


Welcome to Our World s
“Depicts some of the effects of Alzheimer’s disease on a person and their family. Memory loss, hoarding, confusion, etc. ”
Hand appliqued, machine quilted.


“Friends enjoying conversation together. The dark green person represents the negative, or opposite, oof a very pale skinned friend. The friend on the left taught the artist how  to discharge, or remove color from fabrics, as in her shirt!”
Repurposed fabrics, hand appliqued, machine  quilted.

Motherboard by Karol Kusmaul



Sunset Cove


Hunger – Forest – Welcome to Our World

There were several more artworks in this exhibit, and I wish I’d discovered them sooner so more people could see how the hand quilting added so much texture to these scenes. Also, I felt an emotional connection to the story being told through the images pieced together so artfully by Karol Kusmaul.


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