Flooding in Texas

Normally I hear ‘water’ and my mind is already happily following with ‘color.’ However, recent storms broke the waterline to my community for 3 days, blew out our HVAC and ethernet card, kept me out of work, and made me glad for all those that trucked in water for us to cook and drink. ,

20150510_153200-1More blessings, during the deluge a 6-7 week old puppy washed ashore on our back porch- wet, cold, hungry, and helpless. No claims at the vet, so we adopted tthe little fuzz ball and paid for all the necessary treatments. Already, Riley is growing on us.

Update: Still no HVAC, but the weather has been fine for screen door air conditioning. Water is now being rerouted from another town nearby, so we are almost back to normal. I can get internet at work, on my phone, and we got a little usb pickup to replace my ethrrnet card. I am back to using my free time to paint, train a puppy, and prepare for moving to our new house.


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