All’s well that ends well, and sometimes ending is well enough. Take finals, for example, mine are done.    \ (ツ) /

To get them done is a bit of a story, but to make a long story short, technology let me down so many times.

Not just durig the ice storms killed my laptop, during this week’s thunderstorm (fried my borrowed desktop’s modem, and our home HVAC), and my phone took a video for school on Wednesday because everything else was broken. Then my cell phone would not upload it to submit, so I emailed. The emailed video was 3GP which my teacher could not play with her technology, so I get home late from work and supper tonight and find out as of two days ago (too late?) I have to upload again. Success!

Only a little late and um, well, um, the video is a bit too much like regular me and not enough like” star job applicant me” that was supposed to be attached to my e-portfolio. Since you have all seen my mistakes, works in progress, and sketches before… you get to see my elevator speech too (it’s for my day job); taken in the lobby of the VA where I spend most of the day in waiting rooms with bad wireless. Resourcefulness, persistence, and Godly love are the only ways to survive. Technology will let you down.

By the way, I met the artist, Danny Owens, and got to see some of his art in person! Here is a link to some nice photos that give you a hint at how much better they might be in real life:

I also met an author and we might collaborate on a picture book soon. I will keep you posted.


2 thoughts on “Learning Not to Depend on Technology

    1. Yes, and I had been praying for more opportunities just as more were coming my way! I think persistence may come in handy for my future, as much training as I am getting. 🙂

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