The street crafts and art exhibit went well. Visit for more pictures of the musicians and craftspeople outside. I did buy something from Juelie Breithaupt of Humble Hands. It is beautiful.2015-04-06 19.50.332015-04-06_11.16.06[1]

The half-hour art demonstration turned into a “class” with attendees as young as two years old. If anyone was hoping lesson one was about drawing, sorry, it was about playing with color. Lesson one, lets see what happens with wet on dry paper, wet on wet, and mixing colors. We also tried adding details after the first wash dries, while working on a second painting, and sketching. For the next three hours two dozen artistic souls came and went, and I am not sure how many heard the whole lesson. There was plenty of wet paint as artists of all ages stood round the table elbow to elbow, and I am planning my next trip to restock on paper.

I did not teach “how to paint a rose” or something more frame-able, but sometimes the lesson is about being willing to make mistakes, to observe results, and to discover the freedom of something new.

Love life, and flirt with (colorful) new ideas!


10 thoughts on “Pictures from Friday at Makers, Music, and Moss

    1. It really was great fun being surrounded by artists and art lovers of all ages. There were musicians, painters, sculptors, potters, textile designers, and so much more. Moss hosted us well in their corner of the row.

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