My Father's House Antiques 308 s Rogers St. WXTXDespite the humidity hanging in the air, the Waxahachie Music and Art (aka Art and Music) event is still going on. My time and venue were changed to 308 s. Rogers street  from 2:00-4:00 p.m. with the option of going inside if it starts to downpour. Don’t let the weather dampen your spirit.

— update —

The event organizers were wonderfully gracious about rescheduling around the vet visit and I was so glad to have the art and music to rebuild my spirit. I prayed and was comforted too.

I loved meeting so many people on the sidewalk, all of us listening to the band’s playing on the street corners nearby. I especially loved seeing children and the young at heart responding to the paintings because I am working on illustrating two childrens’ books behind the scenes. It confirmed that I was moving in the right direction. Here are some snapshots and a preview of the painting I started at the event.






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