Thank you for praying for Edmund. He has left us quietly, and will be so sadly missed.
Meemaw’s twin grand-kits.
We appreciate your compassion toward us tremendously. I am so thankful for your friendship!


11 thoughts on “Emergency Trip To The Vet

    1. That is very kind of you. We do indeed feel his absence very keenly as does our other cat Ernest, his twin brother and lifelong companion. Thank you for your prayers.

    1. Sometimes Earnest (brother cat) will be lolling around and browsing the house, and it feels like he is looking for Edmund. We still miss him very much. Thank you very much for commenting.

  1. Hello there, thank you for visiting my blog and please accept my sympathies for the loss of Edmund, I cried my eyes out when we had to have our mog put to sleep. It’s amazing how much we grow to love our furry friends. And please tickle Ernest under the chin for me, as I think he’ll understand that more than if I send my condolences.



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