Even  though I just had a school vacation, or perhaps because of it, there are several unfinished paintings in my head. But there is a lot of stuff up in there that might mar  a lovely but ephemeral inspiration.

At this point I am dealing with a recently comatose MACBOOK pro, with my accumulated research for final reports trapped inside — the same way my sketches beg for attention. I already have a, nearly completed,  incomplete course from last year taunting me from my silent laptop. My backup files are only useful to another Mac, apparently, and the Apple store in the big city is a spendthrift of precious time and money.

Before and after work are becoming busy study times, when I re-read difficult passages of homework, revisit notes and videos, muddle with borrowed computer incompatibilities with the university blackboard/SAM/Connect programs, and hope my old phone battery doesn’t die again before one of my many reminder alarms goes off.

2015-03-19 08.12.24I dream of pushing some of these pressing things aside and having spaces each day (or weekend now) to lose track of time in painting. I look forward to someday finishing school, expanding my career options, and having time off instead of borrowed time. Imagination instead of worry.

Will all the patches of my life ever become a finished quilt? Oh Lord, did I make scraps of the plan?


8 thoughts on “Scraps to Work With

    1. I keep pushing forward. Perhaps it will be useful to re-learn everything for pc, but my mind is already so full that it would be easier to work more quickly and naturally. I can’t afford repairs or replacement now… so necessity is the mother of invention.

      1. I got so mad about losing data one time that I printed all of my photos for about six months. Now I have a few backups, but my oh my, is it expensive to get repairs and replacements! For now, I am doing without what I can’t replace. 🙂 You know how it is. ❤

      2. And, would you believe, when I decided I had to invest in a small netbook, it broke down in under 8 weeks. Fortunately it was still under warranty but I was not happy that my new piece of technology was so unreliable. Supposedly it has been fixed now but I am going to be very wary of it.

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