This week’s work may turn into a series as I flirt with new ideas from Richard Stephens. [visit:] the SWS meeting this month he shared a few of his tips on how to “Loosen up. Lighten up” while he painted what he preached. My best friend also came along and LOVED  his demonstration. Those who had the privilege of attending his workshop before it filled were tripley  blessed.



We had a coffee break for socializing and looking at rows and rows of fabulous art brought in by our guest artist, Mr. Stephens and other members.


This is my first attempt at the red and white floral inspired by Cason’s.

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Richard Stephens recommends thumbnails and value sketches, so I may get out the crayons and try a few other angles for this painting to get a firmer grasp on the color interactions and contrasts that originally inspired me to paint it. He suggested noting our inspiration and downplaying other aspects.
Here are a few notes from Richard Stephens’ demonstration:

“We learn from every painting.”
“To be a good water colorist you have to be willing to be a bad water colorist.”
“Revel in the good parts of the painting…you can crop it.” 🙂
“Let the brushes and pigments  do what they do. Don’t try to control everything.”

By the way — this Saturday, March 14th, Corsicana, Texas is having Second Saturday events. I might just go out in the warming plein aire with my paints, what a great excuse to stop and look at things a little longer than the average passer by.
More information from the Corsicana Daily Sun: Second Saturday returning with car show, bike race, marketplace. 

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