ArtSupplies_20150119 smMy friend and I had not exchanged our Christmas gifts yet, since we were both broke at the time. We have fun together anyway. We recently had a lovely time at the Southwestern Watercolor Society meeting, and two of the paintings we both liked were in the top three. It was a free outing for us members, once we covered the gas.

Whenever we get money that isn’t slurped up by rent and other bills, we try to get a few fun things to keep our creative juices flowing. Yesterday we got paper and new colors for experimenting. She ‘needed’ brushes and a palette too. My joie de vivre is painting with my friend, who challenges me and inspires me by her unique outlook on everything. How many painting buddies do you have? We can never have too many.



5 thoughts on “My Best Friend and I Went Shopping

  1. Great post and I understand. I have a great painting buddy, although she is 1,000+ miles away we talk on the phone once a month and it’s all about art, creating art – anything to do with our medium oil pastels. I’ll be doing a post on her February-end.

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