CJ 2015 13


This month I brought my “Pears in a Bowl” to the Southwestern Watercolor Society meeting. SWS was great and left us feeling inspired, so I painted my best friend, with my best friend. We were quite a pair.
Pears in a Bowl


6 thoughts on “My Best Friend Inspires Me To Be Artistic

    1. It was fun sitting with my friend after an art appreciation night and creating our own quick sketches. I reinterpreted colors to show contrast and vibrancy while keeping a softness in the face that remains in my eyes despite my youthful friend’s high contrast and high energy presentations of herself. I find her bold artistic style very vibrant and meaningful and intellectually stimulating. If she allows me, I will share some of her art someday. She hasn’t started posting it yet.

      1. It is a very successful sketch. I am glad you liked it. We plan to paint together again to make full-size paintings for the next SWS meeting, and I really look forward to it.

  1. Yes, all of the holiday, family, work and school pressure made me feel so uncreative, and I was wondering how to get the feeling back. Sketching with my daughter was one of the good steps toward fitting everything into a new routine. Thanks for visiting during the slowdown. 🙂

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