I must be a little stuck in November, because while everyone is making New Year resolutions, I am taking stock of how far I’ve come this year instead. While I should be making new goals, I am so grateful for how many unexpectedly great things have happened in my career and life last year, and how I am approximately 80% of the way toward my degree instead of 70%.  No, I am not fully satisfied with partial results, but I am grateful for God’s providence in the progress I have made this far.

Here are some links that helped me figure out what areas of my life were causing feelings of unrest, and encouraging words to start the New Year 2015.

So You’ve Ruined Your Life…Now What? “Forgot gratitude and took things for granted. I’m sure we’ve all done this, you get comfortable with people, things and you forget – they can all disappear. It’s so easy to accept, expect, and forget to be thankful.” – YadaDarcyYada 2015

How Do I Stay ‘Present’ When I’m Not Where I Want to Be? “Showing up fully exactly where you are is the fastest way to get where you want to go.” – Marie Forleo 2015

I hope you are blessed with encouragement to keep moving forward on your journey, and not feel bad about the mid-lands along the way to your destination.

Happy New Year 2015!


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