A wonderful thing happened on the way to the theatre…

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I also had a great time at the Warehouse Living Arts Center for a production of The Night Before Christmas, find out more at: http://www.warehouselivingartscenter.com

Christmas in Corsicana


11 thoughts on “Corsicana Street Music

  1. Fun music. Those darn phones… never can capture the light just right, can they? Haha! Having said that, the Christmas mood definitely comes through in the video and the photos.

    1. Thank you. That was generous of you to appreciate the point of the post despite the poor video equipment. My blog is just a snippet of the interesting things that happen in real lif –Hopefully, inspiring.

    1. It is a pretty active community, considering how relatively small it is. We moved near there to finish my art degree. Our former college town, Waxahachie, is nice too, with thier gingerbread houses all decorated for the holidays. I will try to go by there next weekend and get some pictures.

      1. Apart from decorations in the shopping malls I haven’t seen much Christmas decor. There have been Christmas Carols and a parade but I didn’t get to those.

      2. You might need to click on my mini video 3 or four times in a row (like a vine) to get in the mood… or look up a Pentatonix carol on youtube. We plan on buying a poinsetta tomorrow, instead of a tree.

    1. I hope you are having a great season too! We are looking forward to Christmas and our family reunions very much. Although, yes, it does slow down the blogging a bit, getting paintings done before the big day, and walking around town to shop, and decorating in our own simple way. The community gatherings add sparkle to the whole celebration.

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