I want to encourage my followers to see what they can do to help Braedon Manning’s 3B Outreach food drives, and look around for the needs in our own areas. It is getting colder outside and we get distracted and busy approaching the holidays, so we need to remember to keep food banks stocked and give back to build hope and feed health in our communities.

3B Brae's Brown Bags

University of Delaware 3B Lecture University of Delaware lecture

Yesterday, I got to be a guest lecturer for an undergraduate course at the University of Delaware. The course is called HDFS 347 Program Development and Evaluation. I am not sure how many people were in the classroom but it was pretty full. Everyone was very nice and they clapped for me and I felt happy. They asked me a lot of questions and some of them I couldn’t answer but my Mom was there to help. I told them about how 3B got started and how we raise funds and where I would like to see 3B go which was fun to talk about. A lot of the students asked for our contact information and they want to help us and I am very happy about that.

Speaking at the College School Talking at the College School

And then last week I was able to talk at the College School…

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8 thoughts on “Kernels of Kindness

    1. Yes, this is true that needs are everywhere. We just had a cold snap, suddenly freezing weather, and friends from our old church put out a plea for space heaters. We had a few, and some children’s coats, so my dear friends drove an hour each way to come here and get them for this family in need. Then she said they had no stove either, so a crock pot joined the gifting. then yesterday, I heard of a neighbor who doesn’t have heat in their house, but I had no space heaters left, so all we could do was invite them over to share in our supper.

      1. The warmth in your giving is wonderful. And being invited for supper would be as warming as having a space heater. Hope the cold snap doesn’t last too long , though.

      2. Oh yes, but the colors are stunning against the white, the snow glistens in the sun, and I remember taking walks and kicking some up to watch it sparkle down while walking with a friend one day. I think I love variety, because I find so many different things beautiful.

      3. Variety is wonderful. It gets complicated sometimes though; each time I visit a new place or revisit a place, I am so taken with everything that I don’t want to leave.

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