I find Marie Forleo very motivating, my blog friends are very encouraging, and my family says, “Go for it!”— then I freeze. I can’t paint for the rest of the day, and I wonder what the heck I was thinking. Nonetheless, I am looking into Marie’s coaching at TheCopyCure.com because I am not quite ready for B-school.

Sometimes I think I need a mentor in the arts, a really good friend to tell me I am being an idiot, get back in the studio Missy, and get these things scanned for the gallery’s marketing or there will be no quiet cup of tea before my second job today. Yes, thanks to everything in the first sentence, I am calling my art mornings my FIRST job each weekday.

This is what I wrote when Marie and Laura asked, “What about writing copy do you struggle with the most? Is there something specific we can help you with? ”

“I am unclear about my product and goals, and I am afraid. Not in my routine life, but in my thoughts about getting lost changing my life entirely. This is a fear of parachuting into a forest of wild animals without a woodland guide and getting eaten alive, falling down a ravine, or accidentally eating some beautiful but poisonous berries. Part of it is also a lack of self confidence that the skills that have been growing all my life are finally up to public scrutiny and worthy of a jump out of minimum wages. It’s been getting a little better lately, I now have the courage to let myself feel that fear a tiny bit and try to work forward anyway. “

Whoosh! All that stuff just fell out of my fingers before my eyes could even read it.

Let me look at the rest of this questionnaire and decide if I want somebody besides my faithful blog friends and a few family members (thanks for reading my blog, Dad) seeing this moment of self-doubt in the middle of my “TA-DAH!” life.


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