I had some time to paint pears in a bowl while my husband was at class. It is a nice sketch, which may lead to a larger painting later.

20141104_193217 Pears

Today I am listening to a recording of “Ave Marie” with piano (by Lani) and birdsong accompaniment from Mary Strong-Spaid’s post “Singing Darkness Into Light” at Before I Forget.
Listen here: http://storieswithnobooks.com/2014/08/14/singing-darkness-into-light/


10 thoughts on “Pears in a Bowl

  1. Different shades of blue….my favorite color!
    A comforting scene.
    Thank you for linking to my Ave Maria. I am still dealing with warnings from the pulmonologist, telling me that the nodule on my lung has a high probability of being cancer. I recently got a PET scan and it showed no activity. I thought this proved it was not cancer. But the doctor said a slow growing cancer might not “light up” on a PET scan. Sigh. So now the results of the PET scan are being considered inconclusive. The doctor doesn’t understand why I don’t just get lung surgery and be done with it.
    I don’t think the doctor understands how much I love to sing. I fear, In an attempt to ‘rule out’ cancer, my reason for being might get ‘ruled out’ too. One of the risks of surgery (among other things) is damage to vocal cords. I definitely feel like I have been placed between a rock and a hard place. I don’t understand this. I have never smoked…never.
    It makes me so happy knowing that you enjoyed listening to my singing. Now I have the joy of looking at your painting, and letting my mind float peacefully in the soft blue swirls around the candle.

    1. Mary, I really do love your voice. However, until this tape I had never heard your voice before and yet return to your blog again and again for unique insights and encouragement. Though singing is a precious gift, it is not your only reason for being. On the other hand, I can sense that important parts of your life are being threatened and one has to struggle with the human question of why. My heart goes out to you, and I am so glad that you found my gift as a blessing to you in return. Love and prayers through your journey.

    1. Daow! it must have been the late season pears. They do carry the day with their subtle scent and colors. Thank you for the friendship on my art journey. I see these beautiful things and want to paint them. 🙂

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