I don’t believe in being a ‘starving artist’ because I believe in being ‘hungry’ enough to work towards my goals.

However, that is only part of the mindset, because sometimes I catch myself in self-defeating behavior and wonder, “Why did I do that?” To find out what the other 97% of my brain is fighting me for, I sometimes use advice from “The Artists Way” by Julia Cameron, but lately I have been referring back to Marie Forleo’s video inerview with Cathy Collautt – How to Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind to Get What You Want.    http://www.marieforleo.com/2012/09/your-subconscious-mind/ There is also a ton of great advice available at The Abundant Artist – TheAbundantArtist.com, so don’t just dream it, live it. Live it Big.

If you want to live life artfully,

flirt with some new ideas

and create a life you love.




7 thoughts on “Living the Dream

  1. I’ll drink (nice coffee ) to that ! I always have a much better day when I am being creative and full of ideas, though I don’t have an overall big plan to follow. Perhaps I should have???

    1. My plan is one day at a time, but I always want my nose pointed in this direction so I can keep trodding no matter what. It works well. Life is good, Glory to God.

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