TuckerTownHall stage 16I got some honest critique and suggestions from my son today, and am fast approaching the completion of my first large painting on my new Arches 400 lb watercolor paper. It has been a learning experience to work with new materials and learn to think bigger and in more detail. This paper has also proven its worth in added versatility and positive reaction to paint applications with no warping. I have also updated the work-in-progress slideshow from “Still Working in Large Format” posted on October 15. The yardstick guides the square along so I can check my angles. To fasten the paper to the masonite board without marring the deckled edges, I lay a strip of tape sticky side up inset from the edge, then tape that down to the board by a second strip of tape which has the non-sticky side up along the ouside edges – all the way around. IMG_20141019_155007

I plan to deliver this large painting in a trifold (cardboard) display with a cork liner. The wide blue tape folded over on the edge covers the gap to protect the painting on the way to the framer.

A great tip from Daniel Edmondson on the values of small studies when doing a larger work. 



11 thoughts on “The Barn is Nearly Raised

      1. I will sketch it to scale and move it around the painting the way people decide where to put their furniture on a floor plan. If it fits, I will add it for you. 🙂

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