Taking my walk with Maverick then painting until time for work had turned into a comfortable routine… until this week. Because I miss him so much, I could not bear to keep my routine, so I could not start any paintings again until today.

When the weather frustrated my plans to visit the art club at the college for a special speaker and ceramic demonstrations, then pulling out my paints was a way to relieve some of that disappointment. The desire to paint is the first to reveal the healing has begun in me. Glory to God, and thanks to all my friends also for their prayers.

You can see an update (stage 4) of these fruits by clicking HERE.

The two doorway paintings were started on location when the building was prepared for a holiday photo shoot. I am finishing out the fruits and the shadows at home. Historic buildings get special attention like that. Please note that I am actually enlarging one of my small paintings to use a precious sheet of my birthday present — 400 lb. 20″x30″ Arches archival watercolor paper! In the photo my large paper is covered with a thin sheet of plexiglass with a grid on it. I enlarged the small painting and used a dry-erase marker to test the layout before putting any marks on my special paper, which is both exciting and scary.

You can see the finished version of the Tucker Town Hall enlargement HERE.


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