Birthday Cup 10-5-14 at 9.11 PMIt’s my birthday! again. And I have been abundantly blessed with sharing a birthday with two other nice ladies, and sharing a birthday week with another friend and two cousins. We had  lunch at a local BBQ with my husband and friends, gifts mysteriously appeared on my new front porch from my fellow artists, my daughter also gave me tickets to SCREAMS PARK again – since scaring me last year was so much fun, I have tons of messages from online friends, and even my friends at the local store wrote something special on my cold drink cup today.

I hope it says, “Happy Birthday!” 

We are still missing Maverick Demigodd very much, but the abundance of friends and family around us has been a great comforter.


5 thoughts on “It’s my Birthday Again!

    1. I had such a good birthday that it is spilling over into a glimmer of hopefulness that the week will get better as we adjust to all the changes.Thank you for thinking of me on my birthday. 🙂

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