I joined the Southwestern Watercolor Society (SWS) and went to the paintout in Corsicana, Texas, this weekend. It was such a productive time that this post is sort of long.

1st try at UMC from Cason's corner

FRIDAY- On Friday night I did sketches…

but I knew I could do better. I could not get the proportions right on the statue’s face, or a consistent bronze color, so I decided to set up somewhere more aligned to the angle I seemed to be naturally twisting his face into. For the church, I thought I had good proportions on the church, and a good spot at Cason’s Flowers to set up, but this first version had some scrubbed paper I didn’t like and my husband didn’t like the red/orange windows from the sunset.

SWS 20140927 Corsicana BrickStBBQ Unfinished
Brick Street BBQ’s new location
SWS 20140927 Corsicana 1UMC
1st UMC finished painting

SATURDAY- First thing I went out to Brick Street BBQ’s new location on Hwy 287 near the airport (their cover photo is from the “Little Bit Country” collection I did for Tucker Town Hall 🙂 ) . The painting of their entryway was coming along nicely, but I needed to return to the First UMC before it got too hot. The second try at the First UMC I used a tracing to get almost the same proportions, so I hope nobody thinks this is cheating, then I repainted with the impressions I got from the morning vs. evening before.

Although it was getting pretty hot outside, I tried to repaint the Oilman statue. I tried two locations, and ended up where I was almost in the street with my stool, but I realized that the reason I was turning the face was that I had accidentally stopped so many times at that corner to let the statue cross the street that I had a mental picture of his face from that direction. The wrench painted longer so the head would show beyond his hat. The heat made everything harder and drier than usual.

SWS 20140927 Corsicana CollinStBakery
Collin Street Bakery for AC, coffee, and a cookie!
SWS 20140927 Corsicana Oilman
The Oilman statue looks like he is about to cross the street in Corsicana, TX

Lastly I stopped at a roadside seller of handmade cedarwood twig furniture.  The paint dried really quickly, really tricky to work it (picture in sketchbook and my new facebook sketchbook journal), so I decided to go inside for awhile and refresh myself after that. Collin Street Bakery was gracious to give me a free cookie for bringing in my painting supplies, and it went very well with my coffee. I sat across from the cookie jar and the ten-cent cups of coffee and enjoyed my treats very much.

SATURDAY 5:30 to 7:00 Show – I prettied up before going to the Warehouse Center for Living Arts on 6th and Main. Everyone’s work was in mats, and some were framed, so I was intimidated to leave my Brick Street BBQ painting in the car, since it had no mat, being unfinished. I happily hung my First United Methodist Church painting from the morning, and the Collin Street Bakery Cookie Jar on the Shelf. It was a really good show, with a variety of styles and many familiar locations around town. I wish the show was up for longer, so I could invite more people to see it. One of my favorite paintings from the show was by Robyn Jorde. The cellphone snapshot doesn’t do the subtle shadings justice at all.

by Robyn Jorde
by Robyn Jorde
visit her page
visit her page

I hope she also shows it at the Haunted Places In Texas show in Plano, because it is so beautiful I am saving up to buy it right now.

SATURDAY – dinner at Napoli’s Italian Restaurant. Great company, art talk, and delicious Italian food. You know I loved it even more because my husband dressed up after a hard day of moving our furniture and joined us for the evening. It was like a date almost.


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