I picked up this flyer for the annual fundraiser at Eureka, TX UMC. It is a lot like the auction I participated in for the Richland, TX UMC in that local community churches often sell/raffle/auction handmade crafts to raise funds to keep the doors open. Many of these churches were founded by settlers in the 1800’s, and are in communities of less than 500 people.

Eureka Lords Acre Flyer Eureka UMC Quilt IMG_20140514

This is a (phone) snapshot of one of the handmade quilts from Eureka, TX. The picture was taken in May of this year while attending a pastor search meeting. In this area a single pastor serves two or three churches, reminiscent of the circuit riding preachers of the past, to stretch the resources of small congregations and serve neighboring communities.

Other traditional arts of this area are: Brute Force and Ignorance Iron Werks (blacksmith),  Twyst (antiques, faux painting, and haircuts), Fresh From L’Oven (home baker)

Business Cards Traditional Art Blacksmith Business Cards Traditional Art ChalkPainting Business Cards Traditional Art HomeBaker


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