This morning I picked up this little batch of  yellow bitterweed/dakota gold flowers (I am unsure of the exact species). The whole bunch is about 4 1/2 inches tall. and I really enjoy their clusters along the roadsides we walk in the mornings.

Dakota Gold





21 thoughts on “Dakota Gold: Making their Own Tiny Bouquets

      1. LOL, yes, that does happen. By the way, I have used the sketch you gave me as my avatar on Facebook. Are you on Facebook? I think it looks good. Now considering WordPress changes.

    1. I am using watercolor paints. This sketch painting helps me remember how the little bunch comes off of one root.

      Online friends identify flowers for me from a snapshot, or I’d do a google image search and scroll through similar images. My dad is good at remembering the names of edible plants and trees.

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