Over Labor Day weekend, there was more time for things I often wish I had more time to do.

1) Sleep in! – My crazy dog has discovered that sitting beside my bed and sighing repeatedly will wake me up. A soon as my eyelids flutter, his wagging tail thumps loudly on my closet door. Our morning walk is getting earlier and earlier. If the sun is not up yet, I close my eyes again and pretend I am alseep until my dog stops drumming the wall.

 I didn’t sleep in, but I did take afternoon naps.

That was heavenly.

2) Socialize – Although I am very sociable, I am also very busy, and my active and lively friends are busy too. On the long weekend, most of us attended a huge community barbeque and I discovered that my sunny, soccer mom, sunday school teacher friend, also knows how to work a paddle board. Heaps of new respect for her, and a little adoring awe.

Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Thomas,

for hosting the whole town at your ranch and pond!

3) Meet new artists –  I already knew these two girls, for years, since they were little girls… but I never got to see their art before.  Wow, such talent at 11 years old, and I have the pleasure of watching them grow as artists.  Painting together with my  young friends the morning after the party helped me to get to know them better, although I have already “known” them so long.

20140901 Potted Hearts sm caladium“Potted Hearts”

4) Spend time with family – The closest people in my life are hard working people, but the extra time gave us all a little permission to show their relaxed imaginative, patient, humorous sides. We “wasted” some of the time watching tv series marathons (This weekend it was “Angel” season 4) making each other snacks and commenting about the character developments, while “the one who hates talking during the show” grabs the remote and pauses it until we stop.

Exercise relative patience with each other.

5) Visit an artist’s home/studio – When I was dropping off my oldest child, I admired the growing collage of clippings and pictures on the loft walls, and got into a great conversation with her roommate. He is an artist too, and I enjoyed seeing his half pages full of ink work. Maybe not family, but “manny to my grandkitties” is a pretty important relationship.

6) Go to sleep early for work on Tuesday – Nah! Didn’t happen.

I hope you had a great weekend too!


9 thoughts on “Labors of Love

  1. My dog does that, too! She sits upright like the proper spaniel that she is and sighs and/or low-growls until I pop my head up. Then she wriggles her little bottom and jumps in circles, unless I don’t move fast enough. Then she jumps back up on the bed and sniffs my face and neck until I do sit up 🙂

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