Each year at the opening of bird season our community hosts a charity auction. Two of my 11×14″ watercolor paintings (ready to frame at 16×20), one 9×12″ and a set of six art cards were auctioned to support the oldest active United Methodist Church in Texas, founded in 1847. Community calendars were also avalilable for any donation. The bidding was lively and several hundred dollars was donated to this historic church in a tiny community of less than 300 people. I love my town!





16 thoughts on “Auctioned for Charity

    1. Thanks Gallivanta. That painting is from a few months ago; teens from our church graduated and assisted with the communion that week. Several people bid on it because of the shared memories. I love having a gift that helps people hang on to their great moments.

      1. I hadn’t heard, but that is pretty cool. I started out Baptist/Catholic having a one parent of each. But I at my husband’s church we learn through doing, so I am becoming more of a methodist Christian.

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