11x14 watercolor plein aire Easter Lilies
Lilies at Easter – Watercolor

I am reviewing some florals I did last Easter 2013 of the lilies in my front garden. I pulled it out to look at because I was over at Marian’s Art Studio looking at her prep sketches for a lily painting — http://mariansart.wordpress.com/2014/08/27/summer-lilies-pen-and-ink/   —  and I liked Marian’s work.


9 thoughts on “Lilies at Easter 2013

    1. No, I like how bright and colorful and simple it is. I was reminded by Marian’s sketches, and thought to revisit it (a mid-landscape) alongside the other florals (closeup) I have been doing lately.

      1. Ah! I was wondering if you might be tempted to fiddle with it in the way that I might be tempted to fiddle with a piece of writing if I revisited it. Although usually I don’t fiddle if I am reasonably satisfied with what I have done.

      2. I have fiddled a few things to death,so now I wait for inspiration. If you’ve ever woke up at dawn and thought “I know exactly what to change”, then it comes out fine.

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