My father has MOXIE, with tons of enthusiasm and energy, he is thoroughly enjoying his active retirement. This weekend my dear ole’ dad sent me a dozen cans. Although it was the most popular soft drink in the country at one time, it is nonetheless an acquired taste. If you love seeing the look on the faces of people when they taste it for the first time, then set up a taste test for your friends. Mine will get one of these stickers:
MOXIE, a rare treat!MOXIE sure is "distinctly different."

If you would like to print a sheet of these for your own MOXIE taste challenge, click HERE (12 per page).or click HERE (8 per page).

Even if you have to order MOXIE online to be shipped to you, it’s a win-win challenge. Either you will form lifelong bonds with those who love it’s distinctively different taste, or there will be more left over for you.


And if you want to read a book while you sip your Moxie, 

“Suddenly, the Cider Didn’t Taste So Good: Adventures of a Game Warden in Maine”,

it is kind of funny, and reminds me of the old home place back in Belfast, Maine.


9 thoughts on “I’ve Got MOXIE !

    1. I grew up on the stuff, and my children also think it is a special treat. Memories in every sip. Now that we have moved to the southern states (US) we share our Moxie when we get together, and save that last can for emergencies until we order more.It apalls me when others say they hate it, but we can’t all have taste. tee hee 🙂 I think it tastes a bit like a less sweet root beer or sassafras tea soda.

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