jonathan SYLTIE “The Return Of the Rambeaver” 34×71 $1600   and “Thine Posterior is Glorious” Acrylic and oil enamel on stretched canvas and wood 22×13 $600.  Both are Acrylic and oil enamel on stretched canvas and wood.   Portfolio Site:

Click to visit his portfolio website
Gallery Tags: “Sweet Nuggest of Joy”, 59×91, $2200
“Thine Posterior is Glorious”, 22×13, $600
“Brown Note Serenade”, 77×40, $2000
Acrylic and oil enamel on stretched canvas and wood

Last night I drove out to an artist reception for Jonathan Syltie’s exhibit called “Rectangular Roundabout.” Seeing art in real life beats seeing reproductions any day, and a reception gives the added bonus of meeting the live artist as well. He allowed me to take a few pictures, but honestly, even if I were a better photographer with a snappy camera these wouldn’t do his work justice. For one, the scale of these pieces is fabulous, from 2 feet across a construction to pieces spanning 8 or 10 feet. They are these unorthodox collections of unusually grouped objects connected at unusual angles with patterns, bits of portraits, and possibly some backwards text, which interact with all the other pieces across the whole gallery. The paint is applied in a dimensional way, which hides the canvas textures and encourages further exploration of his process. Furthermore, they are only pretending to be 3D, since they are mounted on unusually shaped canvases with spindles and furniture-type elements protruding from them and connecting other thickly set, shaped canvases.

wine and cheese table
Art Reception at the Warehouse Living Arts Center of Corsicana, Texas
My mind played a few tricks with my depth perception as I approached the pieces and observed them at different angles, and other things happened as my brain tried to collect information from these (I’m not sure what to call them) … Rube Goldberg a la mind map cum free association” pieces. I even noticed that a few were hanging at different angles from the images on the exhibit poster, and the artist did not mind at all.  Anyway, If you can make the drive to Corsicana, Texas, about half way between Dallas and Waco, then you might also have the interesting experiecnce of seeing Jonathan Syltie’s art,

And it is great.

MORE about Jonathan Syltie’s art at


7 thoughts on “An Artist Reception – Jonathan Syltie

  1. Glad you had a great time and that you found the art challenging to observe. I enjoy that myself whenever I head over to the museum. Sometimes I have to look at the piece and wonder in awe of the beauty surrounding the artwork.

    1. I was able to get first impressions then go back and see pieces again, and see them as a grouping. It was a good introduction to his work. Museums are really important in that they allow people to see original artwork.

    1. It is exciting, to see the actual items and be able to walk closer, further, and past them. I think that is why I chose the picture of these items from a side angle instead of a straight on picture… besides, these are part sculpture, and doesn’t everyone want to know what the sides look like? Good morning, I hope you also had a great weekend. 🙂

      1. At museums, curators follow me around warning me not to touch, even when I am not even gesturing. I must have that “so excited” look.

        Have a great week.

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