7 Minute Sketch (thanks to MAC Daisy Timer) inspired by Violetski and Cindy Knoke.

Digital Camera

I have been pretty busy with finals and work and, oh, everything… so I was pleased when VioletGallery.com posted another quick 7 minute painting


CindyKnoke.com has a never ending supply of bright florals to cheer up everyone’s day.

I am glad I paused to appreciate life for a few minutes. It is a great start to my day!







(Picture updated to one closer to original colors, although I wish I could always get truer pictures to what I have on the paper.)


13 thoughts on “Doubly Inspired

    1. Thank you for commenting on the sketch. It is nice to get feedback. I try to update the sketchbook about once a week, and there are things there that do not show up on the blog.

    1. My online friends have inspired me often. For example, I appreciated seeing your Great Uncle Edward’s history. I try to keep our family’s ancestry notes, and stories like yours help me stay motivated to pull out the papers and scan and restore the pictures.

      1. I never quite catch up, but considering how hard it is to find old records and stories, I hope the little I do will make it easier in the future.

  1. It looked so strong while wet, but alas, I didn’t have time for a strengthening layer in the deeper parts. I should do more quick sketches like you do. It is good practice. ❤

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