One piece of advice I often break on this blog is “Only Show Your Best Work“. My work in progress is in the sketchbook (now hiding in the sidebar list, or on the top row menu if I change my theme again.)

You’ve all seen my sketches, works in progress, failures and successes. For marketing purposes, the rule of “best work” is a pretty good idea. My behind the scenes approach to this blog works for my purposes of getting feedback on how to improve, or at least comments on which parts are a success, and the related purpose of meeting other artists and learning from their insights. Over the past year my artwork has grown in many ways, and the blog has challenged me to try new techniques and also helped me be more disciplined as an artist. Your comments have helped me appreciate parts of my work that the perfectionist part of me thought were failures. I was blind to lively flashes of boldness in the main subject because I was too busy working a corner of the edge to death. Thank you all, so much for those valuable comments on the post and through my email comment box!

Other art rules I break are:
Only Use 3 Colors and Mix all the Rest… paint does mix on the paper, it is watercolor, but if I think my painting could use a dash of purple from the tube I will definately use it even if it is the fifth color. It might be a mistake, but I am learning from my experiments how to translate the inspirations from from my memory to the paper. I don’t have a formula yet, and maybe what inspires me will never follow those patterns.

Paint Every Day… I try, but I also have a job, a family, and a house to clean. If company is coming over, I won’t be able to concentrate on painting until the work is done, and my studio is a cave in late afternoon light (it is often too hot outside in afternoons too). My boss highly prefers I drop everything when it is time to go to work, and the love of my life sometimes makes plans. These parts of my life are very good. So, when I could not paint yesterday evening, I read a few art blogs, watched a video, and sorted my paintings for a flip book of my art in the works. I also hung around with my handsome husband talking about the new truck he wants when he gets promoted in his field (third interview!!!).

Break some rules Pumpkin, ’cause a pumpkin grown in a box will be a square pumpkin.

The rule I keep. Love your art, and it will love you back.

p.s. What did I read and watched:

10,000 Hours

Liz Myers

I commute a lot and listen to podcasts: 9 Art Podcasts someone thought I should follow. I liked Alyson B. Stanfield at the bottom of the list.

Teacups of Joy watercolors (I jumped there from Row’s Pottery Shed) &

Susan Harrison Tustain videos

I also have been gifted old copies of Artists’ Magazine ( some are online at ) that I re-read from time to time.


6 thoughts on “The Rules I Break

    1. Recently, I have started buying mats and frames and have a few hanging in my home now. It does feel like a gallery to have art on the walls. I am glad I could also beautify your computer screen.

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