Did you ever use so much paint that you could almost lay a paper over it and make a print?

  • or layer on so many colors that everything was muted, like a little old lady looking at it and saying, “Whaaat?” and her husband saying, “what are you yattering on about?” so she replies, “That nice painter woman over there, she’s saying something, but I can’t make it out.
  • or the painting could be saved and reused as a dry pan set for the next painting
  • or the buckled paper could be sold as a sculpture
  • or the rinse cup could be resold as a paint
  • or there were so many lost edges, that you completely forgot where you were going

Today I put a painting like that under the faucet and rinsed it, then used it as the background wash for these “Bright Spots on a Rainy Day”.

Rain is threatening, so I left the Bansdstand Sapling details to another day. Which is probably a good thing too.


4 thoughts on “Did you ever SEE such a thing?

    1. Paper is precious, and the daily paintings are using up my stock. Good news – I sold a ceramics piece this week, so I can pick up more paper soon. I’m thinking another 11×14 pad, and as many large sheets as I can afford.

      1. Lovely new avatar. 🙂 I am glad to hear you say that paper is precious. It has always been precious but we have not always treated it that way in more recent times. Congratulations on the sale.

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