I stop with colored water here;

amongst the weeds is something dear.

You come too.

Once I got kicked out of a private university on the very first day for listing my fiancé, now husband, on my emergency contact form. I was very upset at the time. My pastor said that it was their rose garden and they only wanted roses in it… and here I am, quite a brown-eyed susan. Today I’m thriving nicely, with relatively simple care instructions: a patch of unpaved ground, some sunshine every day, fresh air, possibly a few like-minded nature girls for companionship. A light sun shower now and then can also be refreshing.

This painting and its back story inspires the “Sunshine and Flowers” exhibition –

Lakes Region Library, Inverness, Florida, June and July 2015.


13 thoughts on “Stopping by Weeds on a Cloudy Morning

    1. 🙂 I love the golden color with the brown amongst the green, and they catch the sun and glow. I should probably go back into this sketch and work out the shadows… but I am happy with it and will probably start a new sketch today instead.

      1. I went for awhile without it, and it did seem to have a detrimental effect, but that may be because I did not feel as motivated to have my morning walk looking for something to sketch. The dog got fat too. Q

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