In life, you might not get everything you need all at once; save up the patches and sew them together.


I come from thrifty people, and I have worked since I could carry a stick of kindling, but sometimes the business runs slow and they cut my hours a bit. Since my main job outside of school is part-time to begin with, that kicks my thrift training into high gear… and my industriousness.

Last month I painted more often and found some work projects, including a child’s bedroom mural, a nursery mural project, taking on a young art student, designing a history album for a business, and a website update project. Some of the checks were post dated, but the rent came through and we got the last bit saved up for the kids to visit their grandfather for a few weeks this summer.

We sorted priorities and dropped a few things we did not need (we haven’t had tv in years, and once we survived without electricity for a few months), but our family comes together when the going gets tough. Please enjoy the quilt my cousin Brenda French pieced together from the shirts Uncle Myron used to wear, a sacrifice of love, and a collection of memories.


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