Small sculptural bowl IMG_20140504_100321I have been exploring the commonality and the consistent irregularities in lichen, crenulated leaves, and wave currents. After watching to Margaret Wilhelm’s Ted Talk today (The beautiful math of coral – Margaret Wertheim), I can also add crocheted corals and sea slugs tomy list of hyperbolic ‘cousins.

“Now I am looking at the ruffles on the edge of my kitchen curtains and thinking, “That looks like the edge of a sea slug,” which tickles the convoluted surfaces of my brain and starts me laughing to my crazy self.

IMG_20140404_143649I was right all along (Arts Education Unlocks Both Hemispheres of the Brain, and exploring the ceramics of Robby Wood) — and how much more I have to think about because I take the time to observe and explore so many things!
Enjoy life in all its overlapping fullness.   (ツ)


Update – Of Further Interest:

Bulan Lifestyle’s post Here is your Chance to be the Change- Pls Donate to Save the Corals:


6 thoughts on “I Am Walking A Straight Line Around Those Edges

    1. I keep seeing these shapes everywhere, and am often thinking about how to make the shapes look as dimensional in a painitng as they do in ceramics. Even the photos of the ceramics look flat, which is really too bad. Is it math? Maybe, possibly grids and contours are involved. Thanks for visiting, Cindy.

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