As you can see, I favor organic shapes, these were inspired by flowing forms that recur in both oceanic seaweed beds and woodland lichen patches. I am accumulating a shelf full of pieces glazed but waiting to be high fired. There are also several “green” pieces waiting to be bisque fired that were inspired by dandelion fluff, sweetgum pods, sea urchins,  microscopic RTK proteins and  pollenss. Soon, I will face our last critique and my first ceramics class will be done. Then, the finished pieces will start to show up at VisualFling.

For more information about ceramic arts, here is one of my point of view photo journals about a recent guest-lecturer Robby Wood (pictured on left). Follow links to an article about hosting a ceramics workshop in Jingdezhen, China in 2011, and a more recent news item link about Robby Wood as well . Plus, one of my instructors, Miles Mayfield (pictured in slideshow) is showing his ‘Constancy & Contentment’-MFA Thesis Exhibition at the Meadows Gallery in Tyler Texas from April 14-April 25, 2014.  More information about Z. Miles Mayfield’s exhibition from a recent feature on KIII TV at this link.

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