2014 UPDATE: Most of the time I read something it is listed on a syllabus, but I have some mailing lists that tempt me to pick up a new book now and then. If you are into free or low-cost ebooks, or have the free Kindle reader on your phone/laptop/tablet, subscribe to a genre mailing list at http://www.bookbub.com or a Christian booklist at http://www.inspiredreads.com
Relax a little. Get yourself a comfy lap blanket, and have a chapter or two on me.
~ Lucy J

Visual Fling

I’m a book lover! My family even gets to hear me read books aloud to them while they play video games or sit around browsing the web. I like a few new books every week, and since I’m on vacation… there is time to do a little library exploring. Let’s venture forth armed with four virtual library cards and cards for two hometown libraries (not counting the expired cards from our old home towns).

Jillian Michaels would be so happy to know how I motivate myself to get regular exercise. My dog and I like going for walks. Near my new home, there is a special library we can just walk into with a handful (ARMLOAD) of books and walk out with a handful (ARMLOAD) of different books. It’s just across the park from me.


Look what I found there !!!

Someone brought in a whole box of books that were completely new to…

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