I Found

If you ever spent a summer walking 4 miles, some unpaved, to sit in the backyard of an artist/poet/scientist and “just sit”, then you might have been a student of the Institute of Advanced Thinking.

Perhaps Bern is to poetry what Kandisky is to painting and what Shoenberg is to music.

LucyJartz 1982 Alumni

You can also find little pieces of the Bern Porter experience here:


No, he did not have a computer – – – or a Facebook – – – but little pieces of him are there too: https://www.facebook.com/bern.porter.50?fref=ts

Speaking of Mail Art, I got this postcard.

It isn’t his name,

it isn’t my name,

it isn’t my address,

but in a small town somebody who used to know me used to live there and the postmaster delivered it anyway.

So… Have you seen this guy? I wonder what ever happened to 'Liam.

                                                Me neither.


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